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His concerns with the Senate’s tax bill stem not from its overarching goal of cutting taxes but with how the bill treats small businesses and large corporations. Mr. Johnson says the legislation is tilted in favor of big companies, and he is eager to find a way to level the playing field. Mr. Ryan, who was his party’s 2012 vice-presidential nominee, helped Mr. Johnson’s ascendance to the Senate. Mr. Ryan barnstormed Wisconsin on Mr. Johnson’s behalf as his come-from-behind re-election bid took off last year, and the two have forged a bond in Washington. “You know what we control, with Ron Johnson’s election?” Mr. Ryan asked the crowd at a rally the night before the election. “We in Wisconsin control who controls the United States Senate. If you want to see anything get done — pass it in the House, get it from the Senate and get it on a Republican president’s desk and get it into law — Ron Johnson’s got to get re-elected.” But the dynamics of the two chambers differ markedly. With the House tax bill, Mr. Ryan and other Republican leaders employed a command-and-control process and a rocket-speed schedule to minimize Republican dissent. The strategy worked: The bill sailed through the House on Thursday along party lines, two weeks after it was introduced.