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And even if the Marlins were willing to eat enough of Stanton's contract to make some sort of deal possible, they would then want premium prospects in return, and the Yankees might balk at that idea as well. As a rival exec said on Friday, "Don't forget, you'd be taking a guy for 10 years who has a significant history of injuries. There's an inherent risk in that, no matter how many home runs he hit last year." discount uggsBottom line, Yankee people and other execs believe that Stanton eventually will force his way to Los Angeles, which seems to be his preferred destination. The Dodgers too have luxury-tax issues, but their new ownership has proven willing to spend practically anything in search of the franchise's first championship since 1988, and after coming oh-so close this past season, may ultimately view Stanton as someone who puts them over the top. Meanwhile the Yankees, tempted as they may be, are convinced they'll get there without adding such a weapon.