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Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs on Thanksgiving Day talked offense in their Ford Field locker room. cheap real uggsThe gist of it was when to break routes short and when to push them long. Keenum does the throwing. Diggs does the catching. But this conversation burst into an interchangeable, verbal toss and catch. It was agreeably intense, direct, tough, and competitive. It was intelligent. It showcased the fight both bring in their rising on-field connection. And this was after the game.

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This is who the Minnesota Vikings are — direct, tough, competitive, intelligent fighters. The coaching is that way. The players are exactly that way. It keeps surfacing. It did here in the Detroit Lions’ traditional Thanksgiving game, their 78th edition that Minnesota ruined in a 30-23 victory that pushed the Vikings closer to the NFC North crown. It also made them 9-2 and winners of seven straight games. It is time to acknowledge that this team is capable of becoming the first to play the Super Bowl on its home field in its home stadium. The Super Bowl heads to Minnesota in February, and the Vikings are on an intense, direct, tough trek to get there. "We are in a different place," ferocious eight-year defensive end Everson Griffen said. "We know what lane we are in. We are not just trying to win games just to win games; we’re trying to get to the Super Bowl. You gotta talk that into existence. We are on a five-game mission now to finish this regular season and be special."